Benchmark 1 – School Design

Professional Development Calendar/plan

Benchmark 2 – Target Population

Benchmark 3 – Strategic Alliances

    • Current MOU from IHE
    • Current MOU from Business/Industry Partners
    • Advisory Board meeting agendas, minutes (including action items and decision logs)
    • List of strategic partners and their role in providing work-based learning opportunities

Benchmark 4 – Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Benchmark 5 – Work-Based Learning

Benchmark 6 – Student Support

Charter Board Members



Name Title Roles Signature
Shannon Davidson Superintendent Leadership Team  District
Cody Griffin Principal Leadership Team Campus
Candi Sikes Instructional Coach Leadership Team Campus
Dr. Steve Wilson Associate Provost at UTPB Leadership Team      IHE
Business/Industry Partner
Debbie Henderson CCRSM Coach